Per Gynt – the man and the legend (ingebonden/2e hands)

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Engelse uitgave van Per Gynt – mannen og segnene. ..

Who was Per Gynt? Surprisingly few people are aware of the fact that Henrik Ibsen based his world famous poem “Peer Gynt” on the name and legends of a real person. Per gynt from Sødorp in Gudbrandsdalen.
The local Per’s background is a riddle, because his name is connected to a lot of stories that seemingly must have happened over centuries. That fact again force us to consider different persons as the “one and only”Per Gynt. This discussion has been going on for many decades and continues. In this booklet the author Per Ottesen wishes to give the readers a summary of the known facts and the local legens about this famous adventurer, liar, hunter and mountaineer.

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